Sealing Ceremony

A mothering ceremony/Bone clothing or Postpartum sealing ceremony is an ancient practice that will support you in the most significant transition of your life as childbirth. This practice varies from country to country and person to person but what is essential in it is to support a woman in recognizing her transition, providing special atmosphere and attitude of care, love and support to let her meditate on her birth experience, to release things that gave her some dissatisfaction in the process and provide healing to her body and psyche.


The ceremony takes 5 to 6 hours. You can breastfeed anytime, just make sure that there is somebody to take care of your baby the rest of the time.

The ceremony is also suitable for men and women for "closing" any stage of life.

The Ceremony consists of the following 8 parts:

  • Having special herbal tea and conversation. This part is important to get in contact with each other and clarify your personal wishes and intentions. Also during our conversation I offer you to choose essential oils which will be used later.

  • Creating a mandala of your intention using herbs, flowers and other objects.

  • Bringing attention to your body with the help of breathing, inviting higher powers which you believe in to support you in the transition.

  • Rebozo treatment. Rebozo is a soft, handmade mexican shawl. All of your body will be gently stretched, shaken, comforted and liberated from the deeply hidden emotions.

  • Warm bath with herbal infusion made out of the herbs you have chosen for your mandala to help you wash away everything you want to and to nourish yourself by their energy. 

  • Full body treatment with the mixture of basic and essential oils that you have chosen in the beginning. Gentle moves will support your limphatic fluid flow, carefully stimulate your belly recovery from inside and outside, and fragrances will create positive and proper mood for the new period of life.

  • Sealing of the 7 "gates" of the body. The final sealing process which some call the ‘Bone Closing Ceremony.’ I use 7 Rebozo shawls to gently close the mother’s bones, from the feet up to the head. At the body level it helps the rib cage and pelvis to recall the memory of their initial shapes and internal organs their initial location. Also this profound experience can be recognised by your body and psyche as a symbolic rebirth  that helps realign a woman physically and energetically, symbolic closure of the "doors" opened in the previouse life period to liberate body and mind for the future experiences.

  • Herbal tea and healthy snacks  to celebrate your transition and mark a beginin of a new powerful cycle in your life️.

Ekaterina Grachyova

I am happy to support you with the right movement, healing massage, stress reducing breath and liberating relaxation. I believe that our body and mind possess a great potential for self-healing and regeneration and that all we need for this to happen is to be in a proper environment. That is my main goal at any interaction with you: to create an atmosphere of trust, care and love and to share the knowledge that can support you bringing back your energy, peaceful mind and joy of life.


Two-hands work     20 000 rubles

Four-hands work (with assistant who can also take care of your baby, children)   28 000 rubles 

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