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What is REAL BIRTH like?

The more I work as a birth worker the more stunned I am by the fact how much birth that is depicted in movies and TV shows is different from REAL birth! How many times do I have this conversation with moms and dads-to-be when I explain again and again that... - NO, your waters don't always break in the middle of grocery shopping and rarely it looks like you instantly peed a puddle on the floor

- NO, there is nothing embarassing about it - NO, your labor won't kick in like crazy immediately after your water breaks - YES, you will make it to the hospital and very unlikely you (dad) will have to drive like a lunatic to make it before baby arrives - YES, labor & birth is a looong process usually, especially for 1st babies - NO, you don't have to be on your back pushing your eyes out!!!! In fact, there are so many things before pushing that are essential for a calm, gentle, natural birth - YES, a LOT depends on YOU: your attitude, preparation, confidence, knowledge and trust for one another and everyone in your birth team.

This mama on the pic had a chance to compare 1st labor, full of fear-tension-pain cycle & the 2nd full of love and support.

What kind of birth do you choose for yourself?


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