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Prenatal Classes in Moscow started

Updated: May 23, 2018

When you go to a foreign country which doesn't speak your native language, not only you find yourself surrounded by a very different culture, but also you expect many of the local services to be in a foreign language. When, in addition, you need a service related to your health, physical or emotional wellbeing - such as support during pregnancy and birth, it is nearly impossible to get it in your native language and in person.

Moscow offers such services, no doubt. But ask any expat - they are all offered "at request", "specially designed" and provided in private, individual format, usually labeled it as "luxury level" of service. But hey, if you don't have other options, it's hard to appreciate the "vip" status. In fact, it becomes not so much VIP, rather a forced necessity.

First, private classes or sessions all the time are expensive for many foreigners in Moscow. Second, it contributes to the sense of isolation and loneliness, while a pregnant woman often seeks connection with other expecting mothers and families who would understand her emotions AND language!

That is why the start of this group prenatal course is such exciting news! We love the fact that international couples from all over the world have found each other and expert childbirth preparation - all in one place. Italy, Germany, Peru, Argentina, Australia, Great Britain and Scotland are preparing to greet their babies in Moscow, Russia.

Which just proves the obvious - we live in a world with no borders:)


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