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Childbirth system in Russia

When we first meet with an expecting expat Mother in Russia, usually the first question I hear is - what is THE SYSTEM like here?

It’s not surprising! Each country has its own childbirth system, its own rules and traditions in pregnancy, labor and postpartum; medical protocols, the looks and equipment of the facilities, staff uniform, the level of hygiene, the attitude to home births, to water births, to even partner births (in Russian this is a term that specifies labor and delivery with the support of the woman’s partner) — all of that differs from country to country, from city to city.

In Moscow over the past several years the picture has become even more diverse. Now, throughout the capital you may find birthing hospitals («roddom»s) that are very open-minded, that welcome visitors and support partners in the birthing rooms, and in general are more patient-centered. And in the very same neighbourhood there can be a hospital with completely opposite and even hostile views on what kind of care a woman in pregnancy and labor should receive. Each hospital decides which way it is taking. That kind of diversity of opinions in the medical world makes Russian moms dizzy, not to mention expat mothers who are not familiar with the local culture, language, childbirth system and their rights!

So, there following was an exciting finding - the official Moscow Mayor’s site has an entire article in English (very well written by the way) about how the system of childbirth works in Russia. And doulas are even listed among other people who the woman in labor can call for support in contract-based births!! Follow the link for full read.


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