Pelvic Floor Health

Why do pelvic floor exercises?

A healthy pelvic floor means:

— Effective preparation for easy & safe childbirth

— Faster recovery after childbirth

— Better sex life for you & your partner

— Improved health

— Anti-aging & longevity

— No more tress urine incontinence

— No more organ and vaginal prolapse

— No more PMS

— Delayed climax symptoms

What are proper pelvic floor exercises?

You probably heard about Kegels. You probably know that they are done by "squeezing the perineum".

But do you know what exactly you are squeezing?  Vagiton is a system developed in Russia by Yuri Kornev, based on accurate knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body. For these reasons, the exercises lead to progress and improvement of your health, sex life and all-in-all wellbeing, rather than do more damage as often happens when women are thoughtlessly doing «Kegels» and are using popular pelvic floor devices that are widespread on the market. Vagiton system has a set of training devices as well — but it is important to first understand how our pelvic floor muscles work and to be able to engage them correctly. Vagiton training devices are designed by the principle of biological feedback, giving you accurate and objective data about the progress you are making and whether you are doing the exercise correctly. A great advantage of this integral system is that it guides you step by step. The instructor ensures that every movement and action is done correctly, teaches you to listen to your body and engage the right muscles, and encourages you all the way to progress!

COST: 7000 RUB for individual session.

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