Mother Blessing Ceremonies

Such ceremonies called Mother Blessing or Blessing Way exist in many cultures of the world and today they haven’t lost their importance. Carl Jung spoke about initiation — a ritual that marks the transition of the personality from one state/milestone/status, etc. into another, naturally following the previous one.  Motherhood naturally follows pregnancy regardless of the outcome of the birth.  A woman turns Mother in a global sence of this word at the moment of conception and in the following months her Motherhood matures, forms, develops with her baby. Psychologically this period is comparable to an entire lifetime during which the woman goes through many various micro-states. A Girl dies in order for a Woman-Mother to be born.



One & only Queen — a format that keeps intact the qualities of an old-school bridal shower — when the Mother is «seen out» into her birth, into her new state of adulthood, by her close women, female friends.  Their presence and focusing of kind energy on one woman who is the center of the celebration of Life, creates a unique atmosphere of warmth, unity and adamant power of Nature. There is room for tears, personal stories, gifts that are typically given at a contemporary Baby shower, sharing fears, music and singing, creating sentiments that will accompany the Mother during labor and birth.

This can be also done one-on-one, just me and the Mother.  Sometimes other women are just not there or you want an intimate celebration. We can make it just as special…

The ceremony can be performed in various ways.

Group of Queens - when several expecting mothers gather together to share their stories and charge from each other in preparation to meet their little ones. It is about experiencing symbolical birth by walking through a maze, it is about support, trust, letting go; it is about absolute Love for herself and her baby. The ceremony lasts 3-4 hours and includes a guided circle, chanting, personal belly drawing by a henna artist for every mother, photosession, lots of hugs, warmth and pampering.

We create a culture-sensitive safe space which will resonate with the Body and Soul of the Woman and her close circle.  The very purpose of this beautiful celebration is for the Mother to come out of the shell and embody the Goddess - who is about to give life to a new human being.  And for the invited women it is a chance to get in touch with their own feminine Source and the fertile energy of Mother Earth.

The expectant Mother can order this ceremony and invite her close women to attend. You may also make this ceremony a surprise gift for a dear expectant Mother. In any case, we shall prepare an unforgettable celebration considering the tastes and little secrets of your expecting daughter/sister/friend.


If you are an Expat Mom you might be missing your beloved women. But being far away from home doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely! It doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful and meaningful transition into Motherhood.

The ceremony lasts approximately 4 hours and includes cookig together, a circle with a series of rituals, singing, gift sharing, creation of art pieces, tea-time.  It can be performed at the house of the Mother or any of her close women, outdoors in nature or in a beautiful space.

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