November 24, 2018

Childbirth Prepararion Course

The essence of childbirth education and creative pregnancy art, packed in one juicy and informative course. Taught in English, designed for expat women in Russia.

This prenatal course consists of 4 classes, 3 hours each, once a week. Classes contain exercises, breathing & relaxation techniques and lectures with handouts. Two of the classes also include 1 hour-long Art Therapy section, especially designed for pregnant women and their partners.


Lecture topics include:

  1. Russian obstetric medical system: How it works? How to choose a hospital and a doctor? What’s a Birth Plan and why you might need one? What’s important if you want to have a gentle birth? What is a birth team and where to find it?

  2. Preparing for labor: What to expect during the last 2 weeks before delivery? How to know when it’s time to go to the hospital? Physical changes in your body. How to recognize true labor pains and how are they different from Braxton-Higgs contractions?

  3. Labor: Physiology of labor and delivery. How to help yourself (massage, positions, movement)? What can your partner\doula do to help? Routine medical procedures – how to make informed decisions? How to communicate with the staff when you don't speak Russian?

  4. Early postpartum period: Physiology. What will the doctors do with you and the baby? Early breastfeeding: secrets and life hacks. First days in the hospital with the baby – what to expect? Your 4th trimester: how to take care of your body after the birth?



Art Therapy portion (class 2 and 4, 2 hours total) is dedicated to working through the following topics:

Class 2: “Creative connection” is about creating a metaphor of mother & child bond using art materials. The Intuitive Drawing technique helps releasing genuine feelings of motherhood, enjoying the freedom of expression.

Class 4: “Power Totem” is dedicated to creation of a piece of art that you may take with you on the day of birth, to help you cope with labor and to focus on all intentions you have put into the totem.

19 500 RUB per family

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Class schedule:
November 25th, December 2nd, December 9th 16.00-19.00  (4-7 pm)
December 16th  15.00-19.00  (3-7 pm)
Last chance to join the class - November 21st
What to bring for class: Comfortable clothes that stretch, snack, water bottle with a lid (cups with water are not allowed in the practice room) and shoes/socks to change into.
Moms are encouraged to bring their birth support person or partner (free of charge).

3rd Pavlovskiy pereulok, bld. 14 (VL Center)

3й Павловский переулок, дом 14 (ВиЭль Центр)

Meet your instructors

Maria Miroshnikova

Birth Doula, Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Educator,

Midwife in-training

Alexandra Nikonova

Counselor, Art Therapist

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