Fertility Counselling

What is HypnoBirthing® Fertility program?


Since conception is a natural, normal event for healthy men and women, why do some couples experience difficulty? What is happening within the body – even within the couple and the family –that is blocking this natural, normal function?


Conception is a mind-body process and this program is designed to help couples discover how their beliefs and thoughts about their bodies, conception, sexuality, birth, parenting skills and much more not only impact but create each cell within their body. So changing those beliefs and thoughts will change their body and their ability to conceive.


The program involves both individual and pair work (in a couple). All sessions have topic discussions and practice and involve art-therapy, visualization, breathing techniques, deep meditations. Each session can last 1,5–2,5 hours (depending on if it is an individual or a couple meeting) at 3000-5000 rub per session correspondingly.

Natalia Snigiryova is a certified HypnoBirthing® instructor and Fertility Consultant (Hypnobirthing Institute, USA, 2015), hypnosis therapist (Institute of Group and Family Psychology and Psychotherapy, Moscow, 2015-17) and hypno-doula in Moscow, Russia.

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