Perinatal Psychotherapy

Svetlana Kolan'kova

I'm about depth, creativity and self-realization. About strength and courage to follow the dreams. About the uniqueness of personality and comprehensive beauty of life with all the ups and downs. About potential for development in the most difficult feelings. And about love as the main life-giving force. 

As a perinatal and reproductive psychotherapist I love supporting women on their way to their babies. I help overcome fertility problems and accompany IVF processes; all issues of pregnancy, including difficult moments such as losses and miscarriages; overcome fears and prepare for the process of birth. And, of course, I work with all aspects of the postpartum period: emotional state of the mother, understanding and caring for the baby, establishing a connection between mother and her child, with all aspects of motherhood. 

Specialised in process therapy, trauma work, body work with an integrated somatic approach.



1998-2003 State University of Management (GUM)

2009-2011 Moscow State University (MSU) Psychological Counseling and Personality Psychodiagnostics 

2010-2011 Moscow Institute of Process-Integral Therapy (MIPIT)

2010-2012 The International Institute of Peter Levin (Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, The Foundation of Human Enrichment)

2013-2014 Institute of Perinatal and Reproductive Psychology Perinatal psychology and reproductive psychology


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